1. Introduction aims to provide a first class ‘joined-up’ user experience for both ‘Clients’ & ‘Vehicle Owners’, we strive to achieve this by providing a combination of a stable, responsive web platform & related online services. For the purpose of this document we categorise all users into the following:

  1. ‘Clients’ - members of the public seeking vehicle hire in the United Kingdom
  2. ‘Vehicle Owners’ - Individuals & companies who offer vehicle hire services in the United Kingdom

This document relates to Terms & Conditions for Vehicle Owners. If you are a ‘Client’, please read our ‘Client’ Terms & Conditions.

2. User Accounts

User Account sign-up is open to all companies registered in the United Kingdom who offer vehicle hire services. The permission of the business owner is required to create an account. If you are not the business owner, e.g. you are creating an account as an employee of a vehicle hire company, you must have the business owner’s permission to proceed. It’s very important that the account information you provide is accurate and is kept up to date. Most of the company information which we require can be updated via your Account Dashboard. However, you will need to contact us if your Company name will be changing or has already changed. All accounts are linked to a single email address, the email address provided will receive ‘Quote Notification alerts’ and other important emails, therefore, it’s very important that consideration is given to the email address supplied. Please contact us if you require assistance accessing your account.

3. Vehicles

It’s very important that the information provided by vehicle owners about their vehicles is accurate and kept up to date. Please contact us if you are unsure about how to answer a question on the Vehicle details page.

It is the ‘vehicle owner’s’ sole responsibility to ensure that the information for every vehicle associated with their account is correct. In addition the ‘Vehicle Owner’ must ensure both the vehicle and its driver meet ALL safety, licensing requirements in order to legally offer vehicle hire services in the United Kingdom. and its operators accept no legal responsibility for ensuring that the vehicles listed on our platform meet the necessary legal requirements. is also unable to offer advice relating to legal requirements for offering vehicle hire services. We recommend seeking in-partial legal advice from a legal professional to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements.

Before adding a vehicle to our platform, please ensure you & your vehicle(s) meet the following requirements:

  1. The vehicle is registered in the United Kingdom
  2. You are the registered legal keeper of the vehicle or have the permission of the registered keeper to add the vehicle to
  3. The vehicle & driver both meet UK requirements for offering vehicle hire services in the United Kingdom.
  4. The vehicle owner has adequate levels of insurance to offer vehicle hire in the United Kingdom.
  5. You accept that is not responsible for ensuring you or your vehicle are eligible to offer vehicle hire in the United Kingdom.

Please contact us before adding the vehicle if you require clarification on any of the points listed above.

Failure to comply with the terms set out above will result in permanent account removal – This includes all vehicles associated with the account. We may also pass information onto law enforcement agencies. Please re-check the terms & conditions regularly as we may need to make updates from time to time to comply with law changes etc.

4. Providing Quotes

When providing quotes to ‘Clients’ for vehicle hire services please ensure the quote value is accurate based on the ‘Clients’ exact specified requirements. We will investigate any claims of abuse relating to quotes provided. Continual abuse relating to providing inaccurate quotes will lead to permanent account removal.

5. Client questions

We encourage ‘Clients’ to ask ‘Vehicle Owners’ questions about their vehicles and the quotes they provide as this helps to ensure the service provided meets the ‘clients’ requirements. We ask ‘Vehicle Owners’ to respond quickly and honestly to any questions raised by ‘Clients’. Please contact us if you feel this functionality is being abused by ‘Clients’.

6. Disputes

We aim to resolve any disputes which arise quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Please note, we are unable to mediate disputes between Vehicle Owners & Clients. This includes contractual and payment disputes – Disputes of this nature need to be resolved between Vehicle Owners & Clients.

7. Downtime clauses and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is still evolving, and we need the flexibility to occasionally make changes to our platform and services. We will try to give notice of these changes, but you should follow the @spedayvehiclesTwitter account for updates. The website operator makes no guarantee to the availability of the service, unexpected changes (or even withdrawal of the service in its entirety).

8. Rate limits and fair use

A small number of users are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on our network, which can impact the service we offer to our other clients. Our fair usage policy is designed to ensure that all our clients receive a fast and reliable service.

If in our reasonable opinion, you are abusing the service in any way, such as exceeding fair use policy, we may ask you to moderate your behaviour – and in extreme cases, we may limit the speed of, or block your access to our data services.

You will be notified by email if you are exceeding our fair use policy.

9.Changes to our Terms & Conditions

We regularly review our Terms & Conditions to keep it up-to-date. Any changes that we make will be posted on our website. This privacy policy was last updated 01/07/2019.